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Dr. C. Russell Orr (ret.)
Dr. Steven B. Routledge
Dr. Ellen Owen Elmore

Located at 1492 Madison St. in Clarksville, TN

Call (931) 648-0544 to schedule an appointment.

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Quality Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Our automated optical laboratory processes the latest in high quality prescription lenses to fit your frames.

          *Varilux – Comfort, Panamic and Physio

Drs. Orr & Routledge have years of experience in fitting multiple types and brands of contact lenses. Vision problems contact lenses are available for include myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and post-op conditions. Some of the lenses we fit and have available:

         *Acuvue lenses: Oasys, Advance, Acuvue 2, Moistcontactonfinger2

         *Ciba lenses: O2 Optix, Focus Night & Day, Focus Dailies

         *Coopervision lenses


         *Various soft contact lenses for astigmatism

         *Rigid gas permeable contact lenses

         *Various bifocal contact lenses                                  

         *Tinted contact lenses: Air Optix, Freshlook